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02 iulie

Cum arata locul in care lucrati acasa? Sau pur si simplu locul in care va scrieti temele sau lucrarile pentru facultate? Va las cateva sugestii de amenajare a unui mini-birou acasa.Si cum azi sunt in zilele alea cand nu am prea multa inspiratie sa scriu, las pozele sa vorbeasca...
Sursa fotografiilor: Pinterest

How does the space you work in look like? Or just the space where you are doing your homework for your university or school? Or the place where you write on your blog... Here are some ideeas of home decor for your mini-home office. And because today I don't have so much inspiration to write more, here are the ideas!
Photos source: Pinterest

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10 comentarii

  1. Love the interior and black and white is super classic<3
    follow for follow?:)


  2. OMG, I really need something like that! That will put me in the mood to work! cuz other way I'm getting messy or lazy!


  3. Amazing home office decor ideas. I would never want to leave home. :)

  4. Love all of the ideas! I just want to copy and paste them all to my office! Great post :)

  5. cool designs..love it!!