Printre bagaje, vise si o gramada de lucruri inca de facut, indeplinesc promisiunea ce am facut-o la inceputul saptamanii. Pentru ca sezonul nuntilor nu s-a incheiat inca, ce ziceti de o rochie bej dintr-un material usor, simpla si de efect? De mult imi doream o astfel de rochie. Ma duce cu gandul la nuntile in aer liber, fara pretentii si fara prea mult fast, la florile de camp leganate de vant si la soarele rosiatic de apus. De asemenea rochia poate fi purtata cu bijuterii fine, o pereche de sandale nude si un machiaj natural pentru a crea o tinuta eleganta, glam. Rochia o gasiti AICI. 
Va doresc un weekend minunat si o saptamana excelenta. Eu probabil sunt in drum spre mare acum.
Va astept comentariile si sugestiile. O zi frumoasa!

Among luggage, dreams and a lot of things that still to do, I fulfill the promise that I made earlier this week. Because the wedding season has not ended yet, how about a beige dress made from a lightweight material, simple and effective? I have always wanted such a dress, wich makes me think to the outdoor weddings, unpretentious and without so much fanfare and glitter, to wild flowers kissed by the wind and to the sun in the dusk. You can also create a simple and elegant look, adding fine jewellery and a nude strap sandals. Find the dress HERE. I wish you a great Sunday and a great week. I am probably on my way to the seaside now...
I am waiting for your comments and sugestions.

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4 comentarii

  1. Such a lovely dress!
    xoxo Lynda

  2. Beautiful dress and it looks great on you. I would add a statement necklace for a little bit of sparkle ;)
    xoxo Natasha

  3. OMG.. you look so pretty. I love the background as well.


  4. Ce rochie superbă! Îmi place că ai ales culoarea nude, ți se potrivește.

    Te pup!


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