What Do You Need to Know About Lace Front Wigs?

21 mai

Lace front wigs are the most popular type of wig in the world today, thanks to the many celebrities, models, and other prominent figures who have brought lace front wigs into the forefront of the fashion industry. Lace wigs are here to stay--and here's what you need to know about lace front wigs before you buy or wear them.

What They Are. Lace front wigs are a type of wig that has a special lace netting in the front. The lace netting acts as an invisible hairline that allows you to blend the hairline of your lace wigs into your actual hairline, creating a natural effect. Lace wigs can be made from different types of hair and materials, including all natural human hair, human and artificial hair blends, as well as completely artificial hair fibers.

Why They're the Best Option. Lace front wigs are considered the best option for many people because they can be styled about as naturally as real hair due to the lace netting front. Another reason why they are the best option for wig-wearers is that they look the most natural, while also allowing for styles that use your natural hairline, rather than requiring the wearer to have bangs or other styles that hide the fake hairline of non-lace front wigs.

Where to Buy Them.
There are many different places you can buy lace wigs. The most common places are beauty shops and online stores. While there are benefits to going into a beauty shop and inspecting a wig in person, buying them online is highly recommended because you’ll be getting a much wider selection of wigs--thousands of different wigs over various online shops compared to maybe 2 dozen or less in the shop--and because you can find them at great prices. Online shops often do not have the same high mark up that physical retail stores have.

How to Wear Them. In order to take advantage of the natural style of a wig with a lace front, you need to wear them properly. You will need to get special adhesive tape or adhesive glue, which you will apply to the skin in front of your hairline. The trimmed lace in the front of the wig will then attach to your scalp through this adhesive, and from there you can blend and smooth your edges to create a natural appearance.

Where to Store Them.
Storing wigs is key to making sure they last as long as possible. You can store lace front wigs the way you could store any kind of wig. If you don't have a wide number of wigs or you wear them often, you can store them on a mannequin or wig head. If you have a lot of wigs or not enough room to store them all on hands, you can carefully place them in clean plastic bags--just remember that you'll need to style them a bit once you take them out again.

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